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MU language butterfly Jiaoqu shocked, unable to rely on the trunk line of Tears streaming down uncontrollably . This way, Luo Hao and Zhao Xin Both have been dedicated to protect her, she was able to stick to the present, but also because there is the spiritual pillar Luo Hao . Heard Luo Hao , Zhao Xin is in his death , the Muslim language butterflies hearts nike nfl jerseys sadness , and even continue to escape the mind is gone. Diya Lan eyes like to spray the fire , teeth tightly clenched teeth , trembling voice asked: " ? Were who did it ." Hu dragon voice choking , fast describes the situation again, added: "In addition to the 'dark underworld ' and fangs mercenary group , there should be a business alliance Mohists guy force unleashed lightning , not refined element concisely made ??, it should be nike nfl jerseys china ' lightning Wuhun ' . " " ! Fangs deep dark mercenary group Mohists ! ! " Diya Lan teeth stressing each syllable shouted: " ! I want to make them pay ." Shiyan frowned, listening to Hu Dragon Speaking of "Lightning Wuhun ," he immediately realized Mohists purpose may be to him. And a strange smell , the nose suddenly Plaza entrance , Shiyan suddenly stood up, walked in a circle Hu dragon who suddenly face nike nfl jerseys cheap change , said: " Hu Dragon Brother, your body has a strange smell , you ... ... you should not be alive had escaped , hey ...... " "Small, what do you mean ? " a stare , "You are anxious to Hu dragon killed it?" Lung Hu touches himself, after a moment, immediately came to understand , miserable smiles: . " So, the other left my life, is wanted by me to catch up , I thought my life was great , ha ha ." Then stop , ranging Diya Lan Hu Long discourage suddenly knelt before Mu butterfly body language , fierce knock three ring head, said: ! "Miss Mu , you must take revenge for our live must avenge ! " Suddenly stood up, Fei Hu body run, but he nike nfl jerseys for sale far from that indignant voice called out: " ! Leave here from another road , and I will lead them off, you try to gain time ." "Hu dragon ! " Diya Lan Mu language wept uncontrollably butterflies together .
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